Ken Hudson is a San Diego, California based artist.

“I grew up drawing characters from the comic books I read as a kid. I was an awkward child and while I had a few friends-mostly my world was superheroes and villains.

From high school to my mid-thirties I stopped pursuing art. I worked on drinking, drugs and whatever I thought that could get me laid-which mostly didn’t.  At the tender age of thirty-five, a friend of mine talked me back into drawing again and soon that turned into acrylic painting and now to oil painting.  I’ve been obsessed with improving since I feel that I’ve wasted so much time.

I chose figurative art because I found that I was attracted to the art of Sargent, Lipke, Carson, and Kobayashi.  I primarily paint with oils. You can’t beat the look and feel of using them. The blending is effortless. The colors shine. The hard part is the drying but that’s why I work on several at a time.

I want to be clear on my motivations: I don’t paint because I get some metaphysical high from it. I’m not a philosophical artist. I like to create beauty. I like to use vibrant colors to express myself.  Do I paint because the moon dust told me to? Nope-I paint because I get really depressive If I don’t. I have to paint.

I have been in a few group shows the past few years here in San Diego and Los Angeles with Pancakes and Booze and in San Fransisco with Side Hustle.

If you’d like me in your show, would like to commision a piece or buy an original or would just like to say “Hi!” go ahead and use the contact page here.”-Ken